Fresh Spring Rolls & Pho (Vietnamese)

少し前に珍しく骨つきのチキンの腿肉(こちらでは脚)を買って冷凍していたのを使いたくて、今日の夕食は、La Table Enchantee のズームレッスンの録画で教えていただいたベトナム料理のフォーをメインにしました。骨つきのチキンを煮てスープをとったものを使います。フォーだけでは寂しいので、前菜に生春巻きも作りました。

We bought chicken legs with bones a little while ago and vacuum packed and froze them, and I wanted to use them so I decided to cook Pho that I learned at the zoom lesson of La Table Enchantee.  You make chicken stock first then use it to cook the Pho.  I thought it didn’t seem enough for dinner so made some fresh spring rolls to have first.


Pho isn’t something I expected my husband to love so I was a little worried but he seemed to have enjoyed it enough.  However, as both spring rolls and Pho were very light, I thought I should have cooked deep-fried spring rolls instead of fresh ones.





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