Chilli Con Carne


It’s finally warmed up again here and became more spring-like.  It was up to 16C during the day.  Until just recently I had to wear a thick winter coat to go out in the garden but today I didn’t need any jacket or a coat to walk there for a short time.  The weather forecast changes all the time and until recently it was forcasting not such good weather until the weekend but it now seems to be forecasting it to be quite good for the next one week or so, temperature being 7 or 8 C the lowest and 15 or 16C the highest.  It’s a school holiday this week so I guess lots of people are going out so good weather is great for them.  As for Japan, it was 24 or 25C in Kobe and Tokyo today!  Wow!  That seems hot rather than nice and warm.  I find around 20C is the best to go out, I get too hot if I walk when it’s 25C and sunny.


As the weather looks good, I fee like going out but not sure if it’s a good idea as it is school holiday.  We haven’t had any experience of being in a crowded place so far but that might be because we had lockdown most of the time since we moved to England and many people chose not to go out and there weren’t that many visitors from overseas in spring or summer last year or the year before, even when the lockdown was loosened.  We’ll see what it’s like this spring and summer, I guess.


Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne so that we could use one of the things that we froze.  Chilli Con Carne and Curries are my husband’s favourite meal, he seems to be happy to have one or the other any time.  My husband was in charge of garlic bread and table setting, I was in charge of salad.





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