Honey Cake


When I took my first live zoom cooking class the other day, I learned how to bake a Ukrainian “Honey Cake”.  While the class was on, I made the dough but it needed to be rested overnight.  As we were out most of the day on the following day, I baked it yesterday.  To be honest, I’m not very confident with baking and I’m not a very keen baker, it seems like a lot of work for something we shouldn’t really be eating(!).  However as I already had the dough in the fridge I had to bake it!  Once I started baking the cake I did quite enjoy doing it, though.  It’s often that way, I’m too lazy to bake but once I start I do tend to enjoy it.  Although it is time-consuming it wasn’t a very sophisticated or difficult cake to make, so I did an OK job. I let it rest in the fridge overnight and my husband and I enjoyed it at tea time today.


You have to bake 8 round biscuit-like bases, so I put 2 round bases on one baking sheet and with two baking sheets baked 4 at the same time, so it didn’t seem too bad.  After letting them cool, you let them absorb the honey sauce then stack them on top of each other with a mixture of sugar, vanilla, whipped cream & sour cream in between the layers.  If you bake the dough until crunchy it’s almost like a biscuit but some of mine were not crunchy and reminded me a bit of scones.  While it’s resting in the fridge it becomes a little softer and all the layers become one cake.  On top, I sprinkled crushed up left-over dough that had been baked with the round ones.


Although I don’t like sour cream, the vanilla probably made it taste it less of sour cream and I was able to enjoy it.  With quite a lot of whipped cream and sour cream, it’s on the heavy side.  It’s about 17cm diameter but enough for 8 people.  I didn’t think we wanted to have all of it between just two of us, so I took a quarter each to two of our next-door neighbours.







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