Garden Update


Wisteria has probably passed the peak, already some parts of the flowers are looking dry.  I’m surprised for how short a time they look good.  The tree is still very small and there aren’t that many flowers, but I hear they grow fast so I’m looking forward to seeing it fuller next year.  I wish it’s against a different background, it doesn’t look very pretty against this fence.




The very first few of the alliums are now opened about a quarter.






We have many alliums, there are 3 kinds, I think the garden will look lovely when many of them are blooming.  We are going away on holiday in about 10 days, so I’m worried we may miss the peak.





We have 2 kinds of salvias, many of one kind came with flowers but these came as small palnts without any flowers, which grew very fast and already have a lot of buds.





Narcissus have finished (just a few of them are still flowering, but I’m surprised they are still out, it’s May already), some tulips are still looking nice but they are at the end of their season.  Anemones are looking well and beautiful, so is the mock orange.  Vibernum snowballs are also growing fast and looking great.  I think that’s all the flowers/blooms we have at the moment.   In the summer we should see salvias, geraniums, lupins, peonies (the buds are still quite small) and roses (no buds yet).


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