Soup & Salad


Today’s evening meal was Soup & Salad.  The soup was Minestrone, which we froze when we cooked it some days ago.  The salad was goat cheese & fig salad, it also has Romaine lettuce, rocket, grapes (cotton floss), and dry-roasted almond slices.  The dressing was lemon juice, raspberry vinegar, honey, olive oil, salt & pepper.


Figs here are often not very ripe so not sweet so we baked them in the oven with a little honey until soft.   We also baked the goat cheese slices until they were soft.  For this salad the cheese can be Camembert type or any blue cheese and the fruits can be apple or pear.


I used to make this sort of salad very often in Singapore, but we seldom have it here, probably because of the cold weather.




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