Petworth House And Park

今日は、夫の弟夫婦と軽くランチをした後、ペットワース・ハウス・アンド・パーク(Petworth House and Park)に行ってきました。ペットワースはわたしたちの家からは車で20分ですが、義弟夫婦からは1時間くらい。

We went to Petworth House & Park with my husband’s younger brother and his wife.  Petworth is only about 20 minutes away for us, but it’s about an hour from my brother-in-law’s house.

ペットワースの街には食事が美味しいところがないので、(わたしたちからは)少し先のミッドハーストの近くにある Cowdray Farm Shop に併設されているカフェで軽くランチをしました。わたしを含めて3人がBLT。他に、チップス(フライドポテト)を1つオーダーしてみんなでシェアーしました。

We haven’t found anywhere good for lunch in Petworth so we went to the cafe of Cowdray Farm Shop.  3 of us had BLT, one of us had Hummous & Smashed Avocado Sandwich.  We also ordered 1 bowl of chips to share between all of us.




そして、車で10分のところにある、Petworth House & Park に。ナショナルトラストが管理しています。わたしたちはお友達ご夫婦と一度行ったことがあるのですが、いつだったかなと調べてみたら2020年の2月でした。まだ、コロナがやってくる前のこと。そのときは真冬で寒いときだったので、お庭は少し歩いただけだったと思います。ハウスの中の写真はその時にたくさんアップしています。お庭は広大なので全部は歩きませんでしたが、40分くらいは歩いたのではないかと思います。ハウスの中も含めて4キロ弱、5000歩近く歩いていました。

After lunch we drive to Petworth House & Park, which takes about 10 minutes.  My husband and I were there with some friends a long time ago, I wondered when it was and checked my blog and found out that it was in February 2020 – pre-pandemic.  It was very cold then so we didn’t walk much outside and spent more time inside the house, I posted quite a lot of photos of inside the house then.  The garden is huge so we didn’t walk everywhere today but we went up to the lake then back, I guess about 40 minutes in total as my iPhone says I walked about 4 km (5000 steps) including inside the house.


As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful sunny day.  I was using my parasol, but after walking I did feel warm, apparently it went up to 22C.  I thought the place might be busy on such a lovley day but it wasn’t, we hardly saw anyone when we were walking.  Walking under the trees surrounded by trees and shrubs was very pleasant.




Rhododendrons and azeleas were beautiful, lots of them looked to be at full bloom.



Although lots of blubells were in bloom, they didn’t look as beautiful as I expected, maybe because they were amongst lots of tall grass, or maybe they have now passed their peak,









Such beautiful green everywhere.









Quite a lot of ducklings in and around the lake.


A Handkerchief Tree.  I think we have seen them once before, but the flowers are really unusual looking.





After walking in the garden, we sat at a table outside and had ice cream for a break, then went inside the house before parting.  It was lovely to see them, catching up with each other.  It was also lovely to visit  Petworth House & Park again.


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