Holiday Day 8 / Edinburgh Day 4 (Dinner At Middle-Eastern Restaurant)

今日の夕食は、夫の仕事関係のお友達ご夫婦とご一緒にしました。レストランは夫のお友達が選んでくださった中近東料理のレストラン「Sofia’s Lounge」、小さなホテルの中にありました。

We had dinner with my husband’s friend from work and his wife tonight, my husband’s friend chose the restaurant – “Sofia’s Lounge” in a small hotel on the south side of Edinburgh.


We ordered several dishes from the Meze menu to share, and didn’t choose anything from the main today.


Hoummus, Aubergine Dip, Stuffed Falafel, Potato & Vegetables, Halloumi Cheese Kebab, Deep-fried Goat Cheese. For dessert, we shared Baklava and also Clotted Cream Wrapped with Shredded Pastry with syrup (no photo). They were all good.

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