Holiday Day 13 / Inverness Day 4 (Dinner)

今日のディナーは、ロッジのリーフレットにお薦めのレストランとして載っていたインバネスの街の「Cafe One」というお店に行ってみました。

We tried a restaurant “Cafe One” in Inverness, which was one of the restaurants recommended in the Lodge’s information leaflet.


My husband had Mozzarella, tomato & basil salad for the starter, he enjoyed it very much.


I had Spinach & Zucchini Croquettes with Romanesco sauce & roasted almond. I must say I could not taste spinach or zucchini but the croquettes were very nice, the potato had very sticky texture and they were nice and crispy. I thought Romanesco sauce was too sweet, though.


For the main, my husband had Cod. He said it was a shame the skin wasn’t crispy but other than that it was very nicely cooked. (Apologies for the out-of-focus photo.)


I chose Spicy Vegetables, Udon, Chilli and Lime. I thought about Chicken Milanese but decided to try more of the risky one because the starter was quite good. It was OK. I think the sauce is mostly (or all) ketchup Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), I feel too much of it was used so I couldn’t taste any lime. It would have been nicer if less of the sauce was used and I could taste chilli and lime. Also the vegetables were overcooked and soggy, it would have been nicer if they were crispy. Still, not bad. Incidentally, it felt a bit strange to eat Udon with a fork like pasta, I would normally eat it with chopsticks.

デザートは、Maltesers 味のアイスクリームをクレープで包んだもの、トフィーソース、をシェアーしました。温かいクレープを想像していたのですが、冷たかったです。そして、アイスクリームもソースも甘い!夫がほとんど食べました。

For dessert we shared a Crepe with Maltesers Ice cream with Toffee Sauce. I thought it was going to be a warm crepe but it was cold and the ice cream and the sauce were very sweet – so my husband had most of it.


We also had a bottle of sparkling water, one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine and the bill was £90 including the tip. We thought the food was quite good but the place was very busy and the service was very slow. The starters came quite quickly but we waited 40 minutes or so after we finished our starters before the mains came.


We had to climb up these stairs to get to the car park after the dinner with our full stomachs. They are apparently famous stairs.

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