Holiday Day 14 / Inverness Day 5 (Inverness & Lunch)


The weather hasn’t been so good, it keeps changing from cloudy to rain, then rain to sunny, in a very short cycle. As we drove many hours yesterday, we thought we would have an easy day today. We’d go to Inverness, mooch around in town, have lunch, and maybe do a bit of shopping.


We were going to go in this place for lunch but it was closed. My husband did check it and the information online said they close on Mondays and Tuesdays but it’s Wednesday today. We are going to try it tomorrow.


Very near the above pancake cafe, there was this second hand book shop that I wanted to go to. Most of the time second hand book shops are very small and you have to squeeze in between the shelves, but this one was large, spacious and looked like a nice library.


However, almost as soon as we went in, my eyes started to get itchy. I used my anti-histamine eye drops but it didn’t do much, my eyes became very hot and I could feel they were getting swollen so I gave up and went out and waited for my husband outside. I’m allergic to dust and I suppose old books have lots of dust, you can smell it, too.

ランチは、Victorian Market という骨董屋さんなどが入ったビルの中にあったカフェに入りました。サンドイッチに使うパンは毎日焼きたてを使っていると書かれてあり、実際、フレッシュで美味しかったですし、添えられたサラダもフレッシュでした。モッツァレラ、チョリソー、バジルのパニーニとB L Tを夫と半分ずつ。美味しくいただきました。

For lunch we tried a little cafe in the “Victorian Market” and shared Mozzarella, chorizo & basil panini and a BLT. On their menu they said they use freshly baked bread every day and they were very fresh and tasty, the salad was fresh as well.


When we went outside after lunch, it was raining again. It’s not fun to mooch in town in the rain so we did a little shopping in M&S and came back to the lodge.

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