Holiday Day 13 / Inverness Day 4 (Glencoe)


Three weeks of holiday seemed quite long when we started, but we are already 2/3 of the way and only about a week is left. I feel as I had expected: the time started to go faster from about the mid point.


We had another long day out today – to Glencoe. We’d been there, I think, twice before but we really wanted to go back because it is so beautiful. It won’t be as beautiful when it rains so we wanted to go when the weather is relatively good, so we’ve been checking the forecast and we decided to go today as it looked the best day this week except Friday (our last day here). However, as it often happens, the forecast changed completely overnight and it was forecasted to rain today. According to the forecast it’ll be raining most of the next few days including Friday – so we decided to go today anyway.


You can see that there is some snow left on the mountain range.


We stopped at Fort William for lunch. My husband did some research and found a little cafe that looked good, but when we went there there were only a couple of tables in a very small cafe and the selection of food was very small so we decided to try somewhere else. In the end we went into a pub, my husband had Sausage & Mash and I had a hot sandwich of ham, tomato & onion.


We had estimated the drive to Fort William to be an hour and a half but due to a few sets of roadworks it took us about 2 hours. Glencoe was just a little further. When we left the lodge around 10:30am, it had just started to rain. It did rain quite heavily here and there but it also stopped raining and the sun came out now and again, too. Fortunately, when we were in Glencoe, it didn’t rain much and was relatively good.


The scenery had been quite beautiful up to Fort William, but as soon as you get into Glencoe the scenery becomes very dramatic and amazingly beautiful. Naturally I took so many photos and I cannot help including many here, even 2 videos as well!


(I forgot to include the videos, so I’ll add them here.)


Scotland is a few weeks behind England in terms of the season and we still see bluebells in many places. It’s hard to get photos of them because we see them while we are in the car driving but we see them in woods, in mountains, along the roads and sometimes in a open field like this.


If you come to Scotland, you must drive in Glencoe!

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