Holiday Day 12 / Inverness Day 3 (Dinner)


We came back to the lodge around 5:00pm, then had tea, then said “Where shall we go for dinner?” Looking at my memo and also some recommended restaurants by the owner of the lodge, we tried to decide which one – and found out that many of them close on Mondays! We assumed that many close on Sundays and had pasta last night in the lodge but we were wrong. Some are open but they close very early or their menu is not what we wanted tonight. After about an hour of trying to find one, we decided to go to a supermarket, get something and eat it at the lodge after all.

ということで、近くのテスコまでお買い物に。スーパーには出来合いのものがあれこれ置かれているのですが、最近一度だけ試してみたラザニアがあまりに美味しくなかったので大きなリスクを負う気にならず、結局、インド料理のパックにするか、ピザにするかにするか、で迷い、インド料理のパックは温めるのがそれぞれの品で時間が違ったりで面倒なので、簡単なピザ(Pizza Expressのものがあったのでそれにしました)の冷蔵品になりました。買っていたサラダ菜類とトマトと残っていた生ハムで簡単なサラダを作り、ドレッシングは先日買ったレモンを使ってレモン汁、持ってきたオリーブオイルとお塩、ミューズリー用に持ってきている蜂蜜、そして今日買った黒胡椒(黒胡椒くらいはロッジに置いていると思ったらなかった)。ピザは、まぁ、こんなものよね、という感じですが、この際仕方ない。

So we went to the closest Tesco, looked at their ready-made meals. We tried Lasagne very recently but didn’t like it at all so we were a bit worried about trying something new and getting disappointed so we thought we’d have either an Indian meal set or Pizza. We’ve had Indian meal set many times and they are quite good, but they take quite a bit of work to re-heat in the oven because each pack takes different length of time and you need to coordinate them all. So we took the easiest option – Pizza (we chose a Pizza Express one). We had salad leaves and tomatoes and Parma Ham in the fridge from the other day, so made a salad using those. The dressing was lemon juice, olive oil (that we brought with us), salt (we brought with us), honey (also brought with us for making muesli) and black pepper (we bought a little one in a mill, we assumed there would be some in the lodge but there wasn’t). The pizza was just OK, but it was better than eating in a restaurant we didn’t really want to go to.


There is a half of the pizza left, we’ll have it for lunch soon.

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