Holiday Day 15 / Inverness Day 6 (Driving Through Scottish County of Ross & Cromarty)

Balblair 蒸溜所を出た後は、Scottish County of Ross & Cromarty という景色が良い場所へ向かいました。途中、強い雨が降り始めたと思ったら激しく雹が降りました。この辺り、バイクを飛ばしている方も多いので、雹は痛かったのではないかと思います。止んだ後、道の両側に雹がたくさん残っているのが見られましたが、幸いすぐに止みましたし、その後は雨も降りませんでした。

After visiting Balblair Distilliery, we followed a circular route through the Scottish County of Ross & Cromarty, where the scenery is beautiful. On the way, just for a few minutes, it hailed quite heavily and we could see a lot of still-frozen hail collected on the sides of the road. There were several people riding motorbikes around here, so I imagine it was quite painful for them. It wasn’t for long, though, and it didn’t rain again until we got back to the lodge.


The scenery was fantastic – different from Glencoe as some of the mountains are higher and sharpely shaped. I felt this when we were in Glencoe as well but when the scale is so large it’s just not possible to capture the real beauty of the scenery,


We drove around the route and got back to the lodge around 4:00pm. It rained quite heavily a few times after we got back, so we were very lucky that it didn’t rain much while we were driving as we couldn’t have enjoyed the scenery as much as we did.

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