Holiday Day 18 / Driving From Borders To York


Today, we drove from Borders to York. It’s 3 and a half hours or so if we’d driven directly but we decided to go and see Holly Island it took us about 5 hours in total. You can cross to Holly Island only when the tide is low and when we got there it was getting higher and we weren’t able to cross. We thought there would be some restaurants, cafes and shops before crossing even when we cannot cross but there was only one cafe, nothing else. We also thought we could see the island better, but it was quite far from th cafe and we couldn’t see much of it. So we just had a light lunch at the cafe, and headed to the hotel in York. We should have researched more.


My husband had Tuna Mayo sandwich and I had Coronation Chicken sandwich. We were told we can choose a bread so we chose Baghette. This is not Baghette at all! It’s a bap baked in a longer shape! The coronation chicken was more like tandoori chicken. Still, the bread was fresh and chicken tasted good, so I did enjoy it. I just wish they didn’t call this bread Baghette.


This is the view from the cafe – you can hardly see the island.


After Holy Island, the view wasn’t so good so I didn’t take any photos. The photos below were taken in York.

こちらが、ヨークでの宿泊先「The Grand Hotel & Spa York」。

This is where we are staying tonight and tomorrow night, The grand Hotel & Spa York.

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