Holiday Day 19 / Turkish Dinner In York


Like the day before we had trouble finding a restaurant for dinner last night and in the end we decided to go to a Turkish restaurant near our hotel. When we walked by the place earlier, it looked quite busy and the reviews online were good, too.


For one of the starters, we ordered Ezme Salad. It said ‘tingly combination of tomato, parsley, peppers, onion and chilli chopped until smooth and dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic’.  Not “tingly” but “firely”.  Really really spicy.  We can take spicy food quite well but this was way out of our comfort zone.  It did taste good as long as we have very little at a time with lots of bread.




We also had Dolma for another stater.  There are several different types of fillings for these but rice is probably the most common and I can enjoy some but not others.  I could not enjoy this one.  I like them when the rice isn’t all squashed like and becomes one hard lump, this was one hard lump.  It can be just me.




For one of the mains, we ordered Imam Bayildi, which is a very famous aubergine dish, apparently the name means a priest fell over because it was so delicious.  Apparently there are many different virsions but this didn’t taste much of anything, no seasoning, no flavour.



For the other main, we had the restaurant’s special chicken dish – it says “Based on a 500 years old recipe for Sultans! Cubes of chicken cooked with almonds, apricots, peppers and raisins with cinnamon, honey and lemon, served with rice”.  Having read the description, we expected it to be a little sweet but it was really sweet, I couldn’t taste lemon at all. The chicken was breast and totally overcooked so very tough and dry, and agian, other than being sweet it didn’t taste of much else, the almonds were rancid.  This one was their special dish and it was 27.50 pounds!  




Baklava for dessert – this was very nice, the salted caramel ice cream was also lovely and the Turkish coffee my husband ordered was also nice.



So apart from the dessert, it was an expedinner.  I really cannot believe that we happened to have been unlucky or it just wasn’t to our taste, but they have many great reviews.  I honestly don’t know how this can be.


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