Dinner At The Ivy & Summary Of Our Holiday

ロンドンに「The Ivy」という老舗の予約がとても取りにくいレストランがあるのですが、そのカジュアル版(ブラッセリー)がオックスフォードにあるので、甥っ子とそのフィアンセとディナーをしました。

There is a very well known restaurant called “The Ivy” in London but we’d never been there because it’s very hard to book a table, but they also have a small chain of more casual restaurants “Brasseries” in many places and one of them is in Oxford, so we decided to have dinner with our nephew and his fiancee there.



I had Green Asparagus with fried egg as a starter.  The asparagus had a very nice texture and I enjoyed it.  Our nephew had the same starter and his finacee had no starter.



My husband had Chicken Liver Paté.



I had Chicken Milanese for the main, this also came with a fried egg.  I guess because they put the egg on top, the breadcrumbs of the chicken were completely soggy.  The chicken was tough because it was overcooked and didn’t have much seasoning.  The side, which was chips, were soggy, too.



My husband had Cod, which came with Asian flavoured sauce.  He didn’t think of it much.  His side dish was Baked sweet potato.


Our newphew had, I think, Korean chicken and his fiancee had Baked aubergine with miso sauce with cracked wheat.


For the dessert, we shared Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was good but the sauce was much too sweet.


Our nephew had Frozen berries, his fiancee had Apple Tart, which came with a performance of flambeeing the Calvados.




My main wasn’t good, which was very disappointing.

実は、我が家から車で15分くらいのところにある街、チチェスターに今月末にこの The Ivy がオープンするのを楽しみにしているのですが、これまでThe Ivy に行ったことがなかったので今回行ってみてちょっとがっかりしましたが、サービスは良かったですし、同じレストランでもそこのシェフの腕にかかっているとは思いますし、お店によって多少メニューも違うようなので、チチェスターのお店も是非行ってみたいと思っています。

There is going to be a new Ivy Brasserie in Chichester, which is about 15 minutes from us, at the end of this month and we’ve been looking forward to it opening for a long time.   We’d never been to any of their restaurants before, this was the first time, and I have to say we were disappointed, but their service was very good and I’m sure the food depends on the chef a lot, and the menu in Chichester looks a little different from Oxford’s, so we’d like to try the Chichester branch when it opens.


So, this is the last blog about our holiday.  I usually start writing about each day of such a trip after we get back and it can take a few weeks to cover it all. This time though I was blogging as we went along during the holiday so it only took me a few days to finish up once we got home.  I was blogging at our accommodation before dinner – we usually got back to where we were staying at around 4.00pm so we had plenty of time before dinner.


We didn’t stay at any “very special hotel” this time, but there were no bad hotels, and the lodge we rented near Inverness was fantastic.  We’d been before to all the places we went to on this holiday (although we did drive some areas we hadn’t covered before) so it was an easy holiday for us and not very stressful.  I loved all the places we went to – Windermere, Edinburgh, Inverness (Inverness itself isn’t very nice but the area around it is beautiful), York and Oxford, and people were nice everywhere.  The only negative thing was that we didn’t have a lot of good food, but it wasn’t totally unexpected and it didn’t spoil our holiday.  At least the staff at all the restaurants were very nice and friendly – but we found the service in Scotland was slower than England, so you need to slow down.  Up to Edinburgh the weather was quite nice but we had some rains once we moved on to Inverness, which was expected, you cannot expect to have good weather for 3 weeks in England and Scotland.  The temperature wasn’t as low as we had expected but it wasn’t warm, I would say it was like early spring in Japan.  We have experienced a heatwave in May in England and Scotland before so you just never know what it would be like at this time of year.


The majority of people who come to the UK from Japan for a holiday would stay in London only and then move on to Europe, but there are so many other lovely cities and towns and villages in the UK.  I particularly love the countryside here, so I strongly recommend Japanese visitors to spend more than just a few days here and to travel around.

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