Indian Curry


We worked hard at weeding again today!  It was a good day for it because the soil was softer from previous rain and it was very cloudy so we didn’t get too hot.  I had a little rest in between but we worked for about 2 hours.  Creeping Buttercups are particularly hard to get rid of, they have grown quite large so the roots are deep.  I actually wanted to continue weeding but my husband said we should stop.  I wanted to continue not because I enjoy it (I don’t!) but because I am one of those people who want to see good result before stopping anything, I have problem stopping something once I start.  However, there is no end in weeding, I know, so we stopped after 2 hours.  It has finally started to look different and better, though, after we worked for several hours in total after we got back from our holiday.  I’m sure, though, that tomorrow the small ones today will have grown a lot.  I wish there is such a thing as a weeding robot!


Today’s dinner was Indian curry.  One was Daal and the other was Butter Chicken – both from the freezer, we had cooked them and frozen what was left some weeks ago.  I cooked basmati rice with sauteed onion and spices (cumin seeds, turmeric, cloves & cinnamon).  We thought that the butter chicken tasted even better, perhaps it got better while being frozen.


In Japan, it’s become very popular to have 2 curries together very recently.  Japanese curry and Indian curry are quite different and I guess this happened because more people are cooking/having Indian curry now.  Indian curry tends to have only one or two vegetable/protein in one curry so they eat a few of them together, whereas Japanese curry in general has many vegetables plus protein.  It’s nicer if we have 3 or 4 curries when they are Indian curries but it’s too much trouble to prepare more than 2 for just the two of us, so we tend to have just 1 or 2.



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