Ribollita (Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup)


The weather has been very changeable for the last few days, it’s cool and then the sun comes out then hides behind clouds, all in a short time, all day.  As it’s a bit breezy, it was chilly in short sleeves.  As the temperature goes down to 12C or 13C  in the evening it’s much too cold to enjoy sitting outside for a meal in the evening.  I had heard that we are supposed to have a mini heatwave from the 7th July, but now it seems to have changed to later.  We are going to attend a wedding on the 9th and if we get the heatwave that day it’ll be quite uncomfortable, so personally we are glad if it’s delayed.


We didn’t freeze the left-over of the Ribollita that we cooked on Monday, so we thought we should have it as soon as possible, so we had it for supper today.  As I wrote last time, it’s quite filling as it has lots of beans and bread.





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