Chilli On Toast


I forgot to blog the lunch we had yesterday.  There was some Chilli Con Carne left so we put it on toast, topped with cheese and onion and grilled it until the cheese was melted and had started to brown.  Unlike in the US, where they often serve Chilli Con Carne with crackers, they tend to serve it with rice in England – it used to be on almost every pub’s menu some years ago although we don’t see it so often now.  Other than rice, sometimes people have it on Jacket Potatos with cheese and green onions on top.  Although we like potatoes, for some reason, we don’t have Jacket potatoes.  They take a long time to cook in the oven even though you don’t need to do anything to it, it seems too much to do for lunch and not nice enough in the evening.  We prefer it on toast.  We put a little green Tabasco on this.  Yum!


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