Cold Pasta With Peaches


Today’s dinner was Cold Pasta with Peaches because donut peaches are now very sweet and tasty.  We also had Bruschetta with tomatoes.  We used a slice from a large round loaf so one slice was quite large, and we had a half each.

普通サイズのトマトはまだ美味しいトマトに当たったことがないのですが、ミニトマトはとても美味しいのを見つけたので、常備しています。日本のフルーツトマト並に美味しいです。赤いのと黄色いの、どちらも M&S のもの。バジルはどこかのガーデンで苗を買ったグリーク・バジル。とても小さくて可愛いのですが、苗の半分くらいがそこそこ大きくなってしまいました。

Although we haven’t found any tasty flavourful tomatoes that are normal size in England yet, we have found delicious mini tomatoes, as delicious as those you get in Japan.  Both red and yellow mini tomatoes are from M&S, I make sure we have one pack of each in the fridge because they are really delicious.  The basil we used for the Bruschetta is green basil that we bought somewhere and are growing in our garden.  They are Greek Basil, with very tiny leaves, but somehow half of it has developed quite large leaves.



The Pasta is very simple, I just seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil, added Parma ham and rocket leaves and also some shiso from our garden.  I meant to add a very small amount of grated garlic but forgot.  I also forgot to use mint.  I would have liked to use thinner pasta but we didn’t have any thinner one – this one is 9 minutes spaghetti.



Incidentally, I’ve always believed you have to cook spaghetti in a huge pasta pan with lots of water because that is what I was told, but it’s such a pain to first fill a huge pot with water, then boil it, then pour the content into a sieve in the sink.  It’s also such a pain to wash the pan.  The steam from cooking pasta fills our kitchen making the whole kitchen very hot, as well.  I’ve seen some people cooking pasta in a frying pan online so we tried it and we couldn’t find any problem with the result, the pasta turns out fine.  I’m sure our Italian friend would not approve but it really is much easier and just as good.



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