Thai Lunch In Arundel

ロンドンやその周りは今日は予想通り36度、7度とイギリスとしては異常な暑さになっていて、明日はさらに気温が上がるとのことで初めての「Extreme heat weather red warning」が出されていて、場所によっては学校がお休みになっているらしいです。とはいえ、この辺り直射日光に当たるとあっという間に黒焦げになりそうですが、最高気温30度で湿度もかなり低いので日陰にいる限りは快適です。この辺りはこんな風に暑くなるときは比較的温度が低めで、冬は少し暖かいみたいです。

As predicted, it has gone up to 36C or 37C in and near London, which is extreme in England, and it’s expected to go even higher tomorrow The first ever extreme heat weather Red Warning has been issued and apparently some schools have 2 days off.  However, around here it’s only 30C and the humidity is very low so it is actually very comfortable as long as you are in the shade, although when you get the direct sun it’s so hot that your skin feels like it’ll be burned in a few seconds.

今日は出かける用があったので、外でしっかりランチをして夜は軽くスナック程度で済ませることに。それほど暑くないとは言え、やはりお料理したりすると暑くなるのでさぼりたい。アランデルの「Thai Time」に行きました。

I needed to go out today so we decided to have a big lunch and have something very light in the evening.  Even though it’s not as extremely hot as in and around London, we get hot as soon as we start doing anything so we don’t want to cook.  We went to Thai Time in Arundel.


There were still some Queen’s Platinum Jubilee buntings up in the High Street.




Spring rolls.


The last time when we were there with our friends, our friend ordered Pad Thai, which was really good, so we ordered it again today.  Pad Thai reminds us of Thai beach resorts because that’s probably the only place we would order it for lunch to have at a poolside or a beach.  Noodles are quite filling and we tend to have rice as well because we need it to have with spicy dishes so we don’t often order noodles, but they were very nice, I particularly love the texture of these ones.


Laab Moo (Mince pork salad).  The spicyness is different each time and it was very spicy today.


Chicken Satay.  They can be very dry sometimes (chicken breasts tend to be very dry in England, I think they try so hard to cook thoroughly they almost always overcook them in England and they don’t seem to mind dry meat) but these were very moist and tasty.




The last time when we were there with our friends we ordered sour sausage by mistake instead of spicy Chiang Mai Sausage so we were going to order the correct one today but their menu had changed and it wasn’t on there any more.  We asked them why and were told they decided to take it off because it’s too spicy for people here and they get complaints.  If we ask them in advance they would prepare it for us, they kindly said, so we’ll do that next time.


We left a lot of rice because we had the Pad Thai, but finished everything else and we were so full.  We definitely don’t need dinner.




It looks like the number of people infected by covid is increasing in Japan again as well.  We’ve been experiencing that here for a little while and I’m sure that the actual number is a lot higher than we know because not many people are testing or reporting.  We’ve heard of quite a few people infected in the last one month or so around us and we were a little worried we may get it at the wedding last week as there was a large number of people in a small room and many of them were young people, but so far we haven’t had any symptoms so I guess we were lucky enough to escape.



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