Samosa & Balti Chicken


My husband was feeling slightly off yesterday but he is fine today.  I guess he was dehydrated.  He was drinking a lot of water today!  I hope he’ll drink more water from now on.  Apparently as you get older you don’t feel thirsty when you should so you do need to be extra careful, especially when it’s hot, my husband tends to drink beer when it’s hot and thinks that is taking liquid so he will be OK but it isn’t so, your body needs to use water to get rid of the alcohol so you need to take extra water.  I always have a glass of water near me and drink it quite often but he doesn’t drink much water except at a meal and even then if he drinks beer he doesn’t drink water.


Well, we cheated again today with dinner, this has been happening often recently.  Although it wasn’t as hot as 30C like it was a few days ago it was still 26C and also more humid and we decided not to cook this evening.  Apparently the temperature will drop down to 21C tomorrow, which sounds good.  I like the tempeature around 22C or 23C, with low humidity.


Today was a delivery day from the online supermarket and I’d ordered samosas and Chicken Balti so we had that for dinner today.  All I did was to cook rice with onion and spices.  We enjoyed them.





The flowers on the table are sweet peas that I picked from our garden, a lot of them are out now.

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