Our garden designer popped in this afternoon to see how our gardens are doing.  She came down with Covid 4 or 5 weeks ago and she is finally feeling well.  She was very happy with our gardens.  The plants in one area (mainly Annabel) are not doing well, she wasn’t totally sure if it was because of not enough water or the soil, she said probably both.  The soil in this area is clay and not so good for most plants but considering that our gardens are doing very well specially the front garden, the dahlias and verbenas are looking very healthy and full of flowers, surprisingly good as they were planted only 3 and a half months ago.  Our neighbours are very impressed, too!  As everyone can see the front garden, I’d been feeling embarrased that it was looking so bad, I’m so glad I don’t have to feel ashamed any more!


We had 2 hamburgers left from last night, so we had them as usual “burgers” in buns.  Burger, red onion (cooked a little so it’s not too spicy), tomato, mozzarella (left-over from the pizza day), lettuce, and a sauce (ketchup and Japanese mayonnaise).  They became very tall and we weren’t sure if we could eat them without knives and forks but we managed because the bunds are soft enough to get squashed.  I read that things feel more tasty when you open your mouth wide.  I’m not so sure if how far you open your mouth really affects how delicious you feel it is, I feel it’s the texture when you bite into it that makes a difference.







I forgot to write what I always write on the 1st of a month, it is August from yesterday.  The summer is nearly ending in England, I think, although maybe not this year because I hear another heatwave is coming in a week or so (but it’s not expected to get as hot as it did a few weeks ago).  Summer in Japan goes on longer and it’s probably around this time people start to feel weak from the heat they’ve been having.


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