La Campania (Italian in Arundel)

今日はお隣のご夫婦と夕食に出かけました。わたしたちもお隣も気になっていた、アランデルにある「La Campania」というイタリアンレストランに行ってみることになりました。お隣のご夫婦と夕食に出かけるのは、これで3回目。随分前に行く予定を立てていたのですが、色々あって何ヶ月も先延ばしになっていました。

We went out for dinner with our next door neighbours today.   We tried an Italian restaurant, “La Campania” in Arundel that none of us had been to before.  This was the third time for us to go out for dinner with our next door neighbours; we’d set a date quite a few months ago but things didn’t work out and it had been postponed until today.


To start I had “Spicy Bruschetta”, which was with Nduja and Mozzarella, it was good.



My husband had Caprese, which he almost always orders at any Italian restaurant.  It was plated not in a classic way and also came with avocado but no basil?  It looks like there is some dried basil but I cannot see any fresh basil.  Maybe there is some basil with rocket salad?  I would prefer having tomato, mozzarella and basil together.  Every time when my husband orders Caprese, I say “You can have that at home!”  To be honest it’s actually better at home because the tomatoes we buy are much nicer than most restaurants use.   I haven’t had many tasty tomatoes in restaurants in England.



To follow I had Spaghetti Amatriciana.  It wasn’t too salty or didn’t need more seasoning, it tasted sort of OK, but there was so much sauce that when I finished the spaghetti there was still tons of the sauce left covering at least 2/3 of the plate.  I’m quite sure that most Italians would object to this being called “Amatriciana” – it had a lot of chunky red onion, chunky red pepper and green pepper.  Also I think they used sliced bacon instead of guanciale.  I know guanciale is expensive but they could at least use pancetta, couldn’t they?


What I think “Amatriciana” is more like tomato sauce with some chunky guanciale (or pancetta).  I know you are not supposed to add onion but I don’t mind that as long as it’s chopped finely to make the base for the tomato sauce (but chunky onion didn’t seem right).  I’m not like many Italian people, I don’t mind things not being totally authentic as long as they are tasty but when they are so different from the authentic version they do throw me.  I think it’s fine to use sliced bacon at home but not at a restaurant.  Peppers seemed very wrong, too.


Still, if I think of it as a tomato sauce with bacon slices and lots of chunky onion and peppers it tasted fine.




My husband had Lasagne, which he loves.  He also orders Lasagne often but again he is often disappointed.  I don’t know why but in the last few years or longer, most restaurants seem to make lasagne with mostly tomato sauce or ragu with very little white sauce, and this one was the same.




I forgot to take a photo but my husband and I also shared Profitaroles with pistachio cream and chocolate ice cream for dessert.  I say “shared” but I had about 2 tea spoonsful of one profitarole and my husband finished the rest.  I think this was quite good.


The husband of our next door neighbour had seafood for both starter and the main and he was very happy with what he had.  His wife had Bruschetta with tomatoes followed by Spaghetti Carbonara.  She said the pasta was good but very rich, I think she had about 1/3 of it.  Maybe the restaurant is good at seafood.


This is in a little town in the country so I would say it was at a sort of standard level.   We had 1 white and 1 red bottles of wine, 1 bottle of sparkling water and it was bout 90 pounds per couple including tax and service charge, which is what I expect at a restaurant like this.


After dinner, we were invited to have some drinks at our next door, so we had a glass of whisky and left before it got too late.





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