Tea & Allotment


It has become very hot today and felt much hotter than yesterday.  The highest temperature around here was 33C!  The thermometer we have near one of the windows towards the garden said it was 30C when it was the hottest but it is in the shade.  Until yesterday it was around 28C highest so wasn’t too bad, above 30C I notice that I find it uncomfortably hot even when you aren’t doing anything.  Thankfully we can sleep with the air-conditioning on and I can be in my cool craft room and on such a hot day we would have rather stayed home, but we had to go out.  Our garden designer invited us to her house for tea and she told us she’d take us to her allotment in Arundel and we agreed to visit her today – the hottest day this year.  If we’d known it would get this hot, we would have planned it next week.

我が家のお庭のデザインをしてくださったガーデン・デザイナーさんが前回お庭の様子を見にいらしたときに、「今度家に小さなお庭にお茶を飲みにいらしてください、alottoment (日本だとレンタル農園?)にもお連れしますよ。」とお誘いくださって、今日の予定に入れていたのです。こんなに暑くなるとわかっていれば来週にしたのですが。(来週は20度まで下がるらしい。)


So, we visited her at her house and had tea in her back garden.  Her house is very old, maybe older than 200 years old (well, probably not that old in England) and very charming and cute.




しばらくあれこれおしゃべりしてから、allotment にご案内していただきました。切花用のお花(いろいろなお花がありましたが、今はダリアやコスモスがたくさん咲いていました)やズッキーニ、トマト、とうもろこしなどのお野菜、ラズベリーやいちごやグーズベリーなどのベリー類など広い allotment にたくさんの植物を育てておられました。お水を撒くだけでも大変そうですが、「ここに来るとほっとするし、畑仕事はとても楽しい。」とおっしゃっていました。一種のセラピーかな、と思います、何も考えず手や体を動かすことでストレス発散になりますよね。

After chatting this and that, she took us to her allotment, where she is growing a lot of cutting flowers (there were many different kinds but dhalias and cosmos were in their full blooms), vegetables like courgettes, tomatoes, sweetcorn etc, and also berries like raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries.  I imagine it’s a lot of work even just to water them but she says she feels so good when she is there, she loves working in her allotment.  I guess it’s theraputic as concentrating on something you enjoy empties your brain and is a great way to get rid of stress.


I’m not interested in growing vegetables because you end up with many more than you can eat and have to have the same things for a few months, but I do wish we had space to grow some berries and cutting flowers.  However, I’m not keen enough to want to go somewhere every day – even close by – and do the work like weeding and watering.  We have enough of these chores in our own garden here.



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