A Big Lunch At Brasserie Blanc In Chichester


Another very hot day today.  The weather forecast seems to change every time when I check and the expected temperature seems to have gone up and the day when it will start to cool down seems to get further away.  It went up to 33C today, which is quite unusual, although I know it’s not so hot to Japanese as it’s on the low side of summer temperatures in Japan.  The humidity here is only 30% so it’s OK when you walk slowly in the shade, but your skin feels it’ll burn in a few seconds when you stand directly under the sun.

今日はチチェスターの美容院で髪を染めていただく日で、暑いのではないかと心配しましたが(クーラーがあったかどうか思い出せず)クーラーが入っていて大丈夫でした。そして、そのまま夫と「Brasserie Blanc」で遅いランチをしました。食べ始めたのは2時過ぎでしっかり3コースいただいたので、夜は何かつまむ程度にする予定です。夕食を考えなくて良いと思うと、嬉しい!

I had to go to my hair salon to have my hair coloured today and I was a little worried if it’ll be very warm there as I couldn’t remember if they had air-conditioning or not.  Luckily they did so it was OK.  Then I had lunch with my husband at Brasserie Blanc.  We didn’t start eating until a little after 2:00pm and we had 3 courses (shared the dessert), so we will just have some nibbles in the evening.  It feels good that we don’t have to think of what to cook!


My husband had Chicken Liver Pate.


I had baguette and 3 dips – aubergine, mushroom and saffron mayonnaise.


My husband wanted to have steak so we had the Chateaubriand (for 2).


It came with a green salad and chips.


Then we shared a Pistachio Souffle, as we often do here.



We had a glass of wine each as well as a bottle of sparkling water and the bill was about 120 pounds.  After this, we stopped at a shop I wanted to go to, then also went into a bookshop before heading home.  I guess it’s partly because it’s so hot and also because I was so full from lunch, I felt quite tired by the time we got back.


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