The Angel Inn, Petworth


It’s hot again today!  Yesterday the forecast was for the highest temperature today to be 29C but it has gone up up to 31C.  It looks like it’ll be hot again tomorrow but is expected to go down on Monday and we are looking forward to cooler weather.  Still, I am able to walk in the shade without getting hot and sweaty so I much prefer this to the weather in Singapore, I would get all hot and sweaty in less than a minute there.  I can see quite a lot of weeds now as I haven’t done much weeding this week as it’s been too hot, but I’ll wait until it’s a bit cooler.

今日はペットワースの美容院に行ったので(昨日はカラー、今日はカット、カラーは近くて行きやすいところ、カットは遠くても上手にしてくれるところに行っています)、The Angel In というパブでランチをしました。今日は夕食は作るのでランチは軽く。

I had to go to Petworth today to my hair salon (colour yesterday and cut today, I go to a closer salon for colouring but go to Petworht as the stylist is used to cutting Asian hair), so we had lunch at “The Angel Inn” for the first time.  We are planning to cook dinner this evening so we had light lunch.


My husband had Fish & Chips.  He could choose large or small size and chose small but it was too small for him (though there were too many chips).


I had “Aubergine & bulgar wheat”, which was a little spicy and had middle-eastern type of spices, I quite enjoyed it.



The number of items on the menu is quite small so I don’t think we can go there often, when you remove fish and seafooed there are only a few items I can have.   (Although they change their menu once a week, I guess they change only one or two of them and the rest stays the same.)  Still, it was quite good today.




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