Indian Style Meatball Curry

今日は夕方になってもあまり気温が下がらず暑くてお料理したくないな〜と思いつつも、今日行われた今月の La Table Enchantee のズームレッスンの1つを録画で受けたので、その中の1品、今日の夕食に「肉団子スパイスカレー」を作ってみました。インドでは肉団子のカレーは見かけないけれど先生がお好きなので作ってみた、とおっしゃっていました。肉団子は少し前に中近東風のバーベキューをした時に作ったケバブの余ったものを肉団子状にして冷凍していて、今回の肉団子のレシピと共通のスパイスが多かったのでそれを使うことにしました。ご飯も少し前に玉ねぎやスパイスと一緒に炊いて余ったのを冷凍していたバズマティ米。なのでレシピ通りに作ったのはソースだけなのですが、深みがあってとっても美味しいソースでした。また、我が家の定番になるものが増えました。

The temperature hasn’t gone down a lot, it’s still 23C and felt warm in the kitchen so I didn’t really feel like cooking but we did cook dinner today.  I took a zoom cooking class today (I watched the recorded version) and cooked one of the things I learned – Meatball Curry.  In India you don’t find meatball curry in restaurants (or you seldom do) but the teacher loves meatballs so she developed this recipe herself.  When we did our Middle-Eastern BBQ recently we made kebabs and there was quite a lot of the minced beef with spices left over so we made meatballs and froze them. , Today’s recipe for the curry used similar spices to those in the meatballs so we used the ones we had frozen.  We also used basmati rice that I had cooked a little while ago with onion and spices rather than cooking fresh rice today.  So we only cooked the sauce of the curry but it was delicious!  I’m sure we’ll using this recipe often.


When I fried the meatballs in a shallow oil, I also fried a sweetcorn that our garden desinger gave us the other day. I boiled the sweet corns for a short time yesterday so they will keep the fresh flavour, and used one of them today.  When I cut one I cut it in half length-wise first then sort of sliced them so that they are like sheets of sweetcorn but as soon as I put them in the oil to fu them they came apart!  I had to try to get them all before they became popcorn and it was very difficult as I didn’t have the right type of tool to get them all out from the hot oil.  One or two went “bang” but I didn’t mange to get them all before they became popcorn.  I wasn’t sure if it would go with the curry but it added another texture, which we liked.


Although the house thermometer showed that the temperature inside and outside of the house was the same, we felt it was a little cooler outside, so we had the dinner on the patio.




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