Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil (Thai)


Although it was very hot again (31C hottest), it felt better than yesterday and it did get a bit less hot in the evening as it got cloudy.  I did some weeding as it felt cool enough but it’s still warm and I got sweaty quickly so didn’t do it for very long.  I’m looking forwrd to tomorrow when it’s supposed to be much cooler – thank goodness!  The last heatwave wasn’t too bad as it didn’t get warmer than 30C but it has been uncomfortably hot for the last few days and we feel so thankful for the air-conditioning units we have.  Usually we would put it on then turn it off as soon as it gets cool and just repeat it during the day in my craft room and during the night in the bedroom, but we’ve been keeping it on most of the night in the bedroom and many hours in my craft room because of how much hotter it has been the past few days.



I was surprised how early it starts to get dark now, it was still quite light outside after 9:00 pm until only a little while ago but now it starts to get dark while we are doing the washing up.


Our dinner tonight was Stir-fried Mince Pork with Basil (Thai) with fried a fried egg each, something I love specially when it’s hot like the last few days. Once again we ate outside this evening.


We enjoyed it very much, it’s become one of our regular meals.



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