Raspberry Financier


I invited 2 people to tea/coffee the other day, one is a neighbour who moved out of this neighbouhood recently and the other is our next door neighbour.  I almost always drink tea rather than coffee because the acidity in coffee suddenly felt unpleasent to me some years ago.  In the Japanese mind, we believe English people are always drinking tea and I suppose they do drink a lot of it at home, but most people seem to love  to have coffee when they go out (because they have tea at home, I guess).


I could have served some shop-bought biscuits but I felt I should make something so baked some raspberry financier, which I learned at a French baking class in Singapore.  It’s quite easy to bake even for someone like me, who isn’t very good at baking, so I sometimes bake them if I want to make something sweet.  However, I hadn’t baked them for quite a while and had forgotten how to do burnt butter – how far I should go.  I went a little too far first time so I had to try again, I was glad we had enough butter.


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