Tea In The Garden


It’s been a bit changeable today, sometimes very cloudy and a little cold and sometimes nice and sunny.  I wore a cardigan for the first time in a few weeks when we had tea on the patio because it is a bit chilly in the shade with a short sleeve top.  We have sat on the patio a lot more often this summer than the previous 2 summers we had in England. This is partly because we’ve had many hot days when it’s cooler in the evening on the patio than in the dining room, but also because we enjoy admiring the garden from the patio since we had the garden and the patio renovated towards the end of last year.  The patio is much larger and nicer than it was and the garden feels like it’s ‘our garden’ rather than someone else’s.


I think, though, this week and maybe next week may be the last weeks we can sit on the patio this year because it’ll get too cold soon and also I expect there will be more rainy days.


I expect that our garden will change for the better in the next few years so I’m looking forwarad to seeing what it’s like next summer.


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