Salad & Cheese (Left-overs)


As we had left-over bits and pieces in the fridge, we decided to have them for our dinner today.




We put the left-over melted Camembert with pistachio & raisins on crispy toasts with fig & sliced almond, then baked in the oven for a short time.



Left-over Caprese.


Chicken breast (that we had before with roasted vegetables & couscous), apple, celery, romaine lettuce & rocket leaves, dressed with our usual simple dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper) and mayonnaise with some peacan nuts on top.



We bought some cheese yesterday at the farm shop so wanted to have them – goat cheese is made by Neal’s Yard, the blue cheese is Bath Blue and the other one is Livarot.  We were very full by the time we had these so had only a little but they were all good.



I guess because it’s rained quite a lot in the last few days and made the heads of the flowers heavy, another large dahlia was broken on its stem.  Although we put supports around them we didn’t have as tall supports as we needed for these tall dahlias, it was still broken.




I’m glad we had most of left-overs



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