Indian Dinner (M&S)


It was lovely and sunny today, the temperature was only about 22C or 23C but it felt warmer being sunny.  However, it isn’t actually heatwave temperature, I wonder what happend to the heatwave they were talking about.


Yesterday was delivery day of the online supermarket that we use and I’d put some Indian meals in the cart – so we had them for dinner today.  Marks & Spencer’s “Indian Starter Selection” (vegetable samosas, onion bhajis, vegetable pakoras), 3 dips (chilli, yoghurt & mint, and Mango Chutney) and Chicken Saag Masala (mild chicken curry with spinach, tomato & yogurt).  I also ordered a pack of papadom (to deep-fry at home) and I cooked Basmati rice with onion, cumin seeds & turmeric.  We put a little more than a half on my husband’s plate and we finished all.  (We put just one each of the starter selection on each plate but went back to get the rest, there were 4 of each.)  We enjoyed everything including the papadoms that I deep-fried, which were lovely and light and crispy.







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