Lunch At Perch Hill Farm

今日はしばらく前にチケットを買っていた、Sara RavenさんのPerch Hill Farm に行ってきました。Perch Hill Farm に入るチケットには入場だけのものとランチ付きのものとがあり、わたしたちはランチ付きにしました。正直なところあまり期待していなかったのですが、思いの外美味しかったです。

We went for the afternoon to Perch Hill Farm, the home of Sarah Raven. You can either get tickets for entrance only or with an included lunch, and we chose the lunch option.  To be honest, we weren’t expecting the lunch to be good but it was surprisingly tasty.


My husband had “Tomato, goats cheese, basil and poppy seed tart served with roasted broccoli and cauliflower with tahini dressing, hot new potatoes with olive oil and chives, and Perch Hill Salad”.  He said it was good.  I tried a very small amount of the tart, it tasted ‘very healthy’.



I had “Chicken tagine with almonds served with jewelled rice, roasted broccoli and cauliflower with tahini dressing”.  It tasted of some curry spices and had some dried apricots, I enjoyed it very much.  The photo shows mostly the rice but the yellow thing on the back right is the chicken tagine.


Although the lunch was good, the portions were quite small so we shared a carrot cake and tea/coffee from the cafe next to the lunch place.  The cake was very soft and moist and nice.



The lunch was served in this tent.







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