Chorizo, Potato, & Poached Egg With Balsamic Vinegar Sauce


Today’s dinner was “Chorizo, potato & Poached Egg” Hot Salad.  I’ve written the recipe a few times – like here – if you are interested in the details.  I made it up when we were living in Hong Kong so there is no name for it.  The sauce is a mixture of the oil that comes out of frying the chorizo and balsamic vinegar.  I used to use good delicious balsamic vinegar but it’s very expensive so now I add cheap one, reduce it, then add some expensive one and also some balsamic glaze.   It was very tasty.




It’s been very windy since yesterday and one of the thick branches of our large Cosmos was broken even though we used a support to hold it up, the support itself (a bamboo stick) was broken.  I guess it happened some hours before we saw it and the flowers were quite limp but after a good drink of water in a bucket they perked up.  They don’t last long in a vase but they are looking sweet at the moment.


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