Japanese “Spaghetti Napolitan”


The night before last we had a thunder storm and it’s been raining quite a lot since then.  There was a short time when the sun came out today, but it has been mostly raining or cloudy.  Looking at the forecast, except Saturday, it looks like it’ll be rainy for the next week.  We are going out on Thursday and it’s somewhere you have to book well in advance so I was worried about the weather.  I’m hoping they’ll be wrong and it won’t rain…  It won’t be fun with rain.


Today’s dinner was Japanese “Napolitan” spaghetti, which I now and again crave for because it’s something we used to have in coffee shop/tea shops for lunch when we were out in Japan.  You usually use just tomato ketchup to make the sauce, but today I mixed ketchup and tomato sauce together as there was some left-over tomato sauce we bought in a jar.  We also used the green chillis we grew in our garden, they aren’t really spicy at all although there is a very slight hint of spiciness.  You usually use Japanese green peppers in this dish and these are quite close to them.  Other ingredients are onion and Japanese sausages.


I mixed tomato sauce and ketchup about half and half and I thought it was very good.





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