Chicken With Mustard and Sauce Diable


Today’s dinner was “Chicken with Mustard and Sauce Diable”, which I learned at a Zoom cooking lesson this month as a part of French Italian Cooking Lesson.  As always it took us a lot longer than we expected but it was delicious.  Chicken Thighs in England are much thinner and smaller (about 2/3 or smaller) than those in Japan so instead of 2 for 2 people we used 5 so we can have 2 and a half each, and it wasn’t too much at all, as we didn’t have a starter or a dessert.  I think they would have been even nicer and easier to plate if they were thicker and larger, but these are typical size here.  Chicken was baked with mustard on top and the sauce has mustard and cayenne pepper so it has a kick.  The vegetables (warm salad) under the chicken were also very tasty.  (We served the sauce separately.)






I was planning to make the starter I learned at the same lesson and we bought a pack of mushrooms for it,8 but I realised later that I needed the sauce for the pasta, which is also a part of the lesson, and I didn’t want to make the sauce just for the starter so we decided not to have the starter and  to use the mushrooms  as a side dish for the main.  The teacher used Shimeji mushrooms for the starter but I haven’t seen them around here so we bought this pack of mixed mushrooms.  I haven’t personally seen any other unusual mushrooms in suparmarkets around here, I know all sorts of mushrooms are available in London but not here.  These mushrooms were very nice, though, and added some extra texture.




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