Japanese Hamburg Steak With Demi-Glace Sauce


Our dinner today was Hamburg.  We were planning to make Meatloaf with slices of courgette and aubergine that a friend of mine showed me on a photo and we were going to go and buy some courgettes as we didn’t have any at home.  However, here, supermarkets close at 4:00pm on Sundays, which we keep forgetting.   In Japan, Hong Kong & Singapore supermarkets and many other shops were open until late including on Sumdays and we just aren’t used to this early closing system, specially on Sundays.  By the time we realised it it was too late so we changed our plan and made Japanese style Hamburg steaks with Demi-Glace sauce – we enjoyed them very much.


As you can see on the photos, more dahlia stems broke, as it was quite windy today.  Although we did put some support stakes in they weren’t tall enough to support all the tall plants.







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