Cheese Fondue


The weather has changed totally and has been very cool, even a little chilly today because it was raining now and again.  The highest temperature was 20C, the lowest 14C.  I expect the temperature to drop quite quickly soon.


Now that it’s cool, we had Cheese Fondue for dinner today.  My husband loves it so we usually have it often, even in a hot place like Singapore.  However, as there is no air-conditioning here in the dining room, we didn’t feel like having Cheese Fondue while it was hot.  I checked my blog quickly and the last time we had it was at the end of April, so more than 4 months ago!  I don’t think we ever had so many months without Cheese Fondue.


As usual, we had it with a lot of salad, some boiled new potatoes, carrots, salamis, cornichons and today some olives as well.









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