Modern Calligraphy Workshop

昨日は、お隣の方と2人でModern Calligraphy Coによるモダン・カリグラフィーのワークショップに参加しました。カリグラフィーには随分前から興味があり、本を買ってみてちょこっと自分でトライしてみたりしたこともあるのですが下手すぎてすぐに諦めてしまいました。練習すれば上達することはわかっていても、元々絵を描いたり字を書いたりは下手なので自分一人で上達するまで練習するのはなかなか難しいことに感じます。ワークショップは我が家から車で30分くらいのところにあったので、お隣の方が車を出してくださいました。朝10時からランチタイムを挟んで夕方4時までの1日コース。

Yesterday, I joined a Modern Calligraphy Workshop run by Modern Calligraphy Co with my next door neighbour.  I have been interested in Calligraphy since I was very young when I bought a book and tried a little at home, but I was so bad at it that I gave up quite quickly.  I know the more you practice the better you get but I feel the coordination of my hand and eyes isn’t great and I’m not good at drawing or writing, it’s not easy to practice alone continually until you make a good improvement.  The workshop was run at a studio about 30 minutes by car from us, so my next door neighbour drove us up and back.  The workshop was from 10:00 until 16:00 with a short lunch break.


The calligraphy I tried a little at home was classic calligraphy but the work shop was on modern calligraphy, which is a different style.  They are both very attractive but I feel perhaps modern calligraphy is more appealing to me.


We used 3 different pens – nib pen, felt brush pens and brush pens – and did some practice at the workshop.   It was not easy at all and I didn’t do such a good job, I don’t know if I will continue practicing until I can actually use the technique but it was fun to try.



The workshop included lunch, which was a jacket potato, vegetarian chilli con carne, coleslaw and green salad.


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