Anniversary Trip


We are on our wedding anniversary trip from today for 4 nights. As the internet is so incredibly slow in many places in England, specially in countryside, I’m not going to blog our whole trip properly while we are away. It’s only 4 days so I’ll blog properly from home after getting back.

今回の旅行は、度々来ているデボン州のダートムアにある「Gidleigh Park」というわたしたちが大好きなホテルとその先のコーンウォルにそれぞれ2泊ずつ(今日1泊Gidleigh Park、明日から2泊コーンウォル、そしてまたGidleigh Parkに戻ってきて1泊)します。

We are going to stay at our favourite hotel “Gidleigh Park” in Dartmoor in Devon for 2 nights (the 1st and the last nights) and in Cornwall for 2 nights on this trip.

今日は途中でナショナルトラストのKingston Lacyというマナーハウスで軽いランチをしてマナーハウスを見学して、4時過ぎにGidleigh Parkに到着しました。ホテルのスタッフには顔馴染みの方が多いので「戻って来た」という感じがしてとても落ち着きます。荷物を置いてすぐにラウンジでクリームティーをいただいて、敷地内を少しお散歩しました。

Today, we stopped at a National Trust “Kingston Lacy” and had a bite and visited the Manor House on our way here and arrived at the hotel a little after 4:00pm, just at the right time for tea. After checking in and hanging the clothes, we went down to the lounge and had cream tea, then walked on the ground of the hotel. Many of the staff are familiar so we feel very comfortable and relaxed at this hotel.

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