Anniversary Trip Day 1 / Kingston Lacy (National Trust)


We got back home today around tea time.  As always we love travelling but it’s great to come home.


It rained quite heavily around here yesterday and some of the ‘dinner plate’ dahlias were broken, so I spent 30 minutes or so deadheading and cutting off the broken flowers.  We then had tea, watched TV a little, then I did some weeding as I had seen a lot of weeds while I was doing the deadheading.  We had quite a big lunch so just had bruschetta with tomatoes for supper.


The internet speed was so slow where we were on our trip so I wasn’t able to blog much.  The speed of internet in England in many places is so slow, it always shocks me.  When I checked the weather forecast a couple of weeks before the trip the forecast was good for the following 2 weeks or so but it changed a few days before the trip and it was forecasted to rain on one of the days.  Fortunately, there was one cloudy day and we did have a little rain in the evening that day, but it was good weather for the rest of our trip.

旅行初日はデボン州のダートムアにある大好きなホテルに宿泊しました。車で4時間弱の距離なので、途中、大体真ん中くらいのところにあるナショナルトラストの「 Kingston Lacy」で軽くランチをして、お庭とマナーハウスの見学をしました。お庭の一角には日本庭園風に作られたところもありました。

On the first day, we stayed at our favourite hotel in Dartmoor in Devon.  It takes us about 4 hours to get there so we stopped at “Kingston Lacy” (National Trust), which is about a half way, to have a light lunch and visit the garden and the manor house.  They had a Japanese Garden as well.























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