Anniversary Trip Day 3 / Lunch At New Yard’s Pantry


There is still quite a lot to write about our wedding anniversary trip.

3日目は、宿泊ホテルから2時間くらいかかるところにある St Michael’s Mount まで行くことにしましたが、その途中にあるカフェでランチをすることに。New Yard というレストランと同じところにあるカジュアルな Pantry に行きましたが、かなり辺鄙なところにありました。観光地の近くではなく山道を結構入ったところにあり、自分達のことを棚に上げてなんですが、こんなところまでわざわざランチをしにくる人がいるのかと思いましたが予約のサインがほとんどのテーブルに置かれていました。どこから来られるんだろうか、と不思議でした。

On the 3rd day, we decided to go to St Michael’s Mount, which was about 2 hours from the hotel we were staying at, but wanted to have lunch at a cafe on our way and went to the New Yard Restaurant’s “Pantry”.  We were quite surprised that it was kind of ‘in the middle of nowhere’.  It wasn’t near any touristy places and we wondered who would to go to such a place for lunch (including us!), but almost all the tables (except one) had ‘reserved’ signs.









We shared Fennel Salami and bread to start with.




As they had a pizza oven with logs, we shared a pizza as our main.  Whole burrata cheese, rainbow chard, red onion, pickled chilli and gremolata.   It looks spicy but wasn’t really spicy at all.





We enjoyed it.



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