Arundel As A Filming Location

今日ランチをしたアランデルという街は古い建物が沢山残っている雰囲気の良い小さな街で、我が家から車ですぐのところにあるのですが、つい最近、Olivia Colman さんが主役の1920年代という設定の「Wicked Little Letters」とうコメディー映画の撮影が行われていたそうです。ランチの後で時々行く Pallant Of Arundel に寄ってチーズやサラミなど買って来たのですが、ここはティーハウスとして外見だけですが撮影されたそう。映画を見るのが楽しみです。

Arundel, where we had lunch today, is a very charming little town with lots of old buildings and is very close to where we are. Just recently (in the last couple of weeks), a period comedy film, “Wicked Little Letters” (Olivia Colman plays the main character) was being filmed in part of the town. After our lunch we went into “Pallant Of Arundel”, the deli we sometimes go to, so we could get some things like cheese and salami. The lady who served us told us how the shop was featured in the film (but changed to be a tea shop and only shown from the outside).  I cannot wait to see the film!




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