Anniversary Trip Day 3 / St Michael’s Mount

結婚記念日旅行3日目、ランチの後はイギリスのモンサンミッシェル、St Michaels Mount に向かいました。モンサンミッシェルよりもずっと小さいですが、潮が満ちているときは島になり、潮が引いているときは歩いて渡れるところです。わたしたちが行った日は日中はほとんど潮が満ちていたのでボートで渡りました。ボートは事前予約が必要です。結構並んでいましたが次々にボートが来るのであまり待たずに乗れました。

The 3rd day on our annniversary trip.  After the lunch, we drove towards St Michael’s Mount.  St Michael’s Mount is like Mont-Saint-Michel in France.  We’ve been to Mont-Saint-Michel and stayed there overnight, I remember we enjoyed our stay there because it became very quiet in the evening after all the day visitors had left.  This St Michael’s Mount is much smaller than the one in France but it becomes an island when the tide is high, though you can walk there when the tide is low.  When we went there the tide was high most of the day so we took a boat – you need to book a ticket in advance.  There was a queue but it moved very quickly as many boats were coming in one after another.


As you can see from the photos, we had good weather on this trip except this one day, when it was mostly very cloudy.  It was also windy so we saw a lot of people doing wind surfing.


















As it looked like you have to walk up so many steps to go to the castle I told my husband I didn’t want to go but he should go and he did, but apparently these steps were only for the rock gardens, not to get to the castle itself.


The swirly cacti looked very cool.



We see this plant in many places, not only here but in other gardens.  They have no leaves, just dark-coloured stems and the flowers look as if someone painted on them, they look like plastic fake flowers.



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