Pre-Theatre Dinner At Purchases Bar & Restaurant (Chichester) and “Woman In Mind”

今日は夕方、義弟夫婦とチチェスターのフェスティバルシアターでのお芝居「Woman In Mind」を見に行ったので、シアターの近くのレストラン「 Purchases Bar & Restaurant」で早めの夕食をしました。

We went to see a play, “Woman In Mind”, at The Chichester Festival Theatre with my brother-in-law and his wife.


At the pre-theatre dinner everyone other than myself had Chicken Thigh with stuffing for their main course.


I had Butternut Squash Risotto.  The toppings are parsnip crisps and the round things are deep-fried goat cheese with breadcrumbs.  The parsnip crisps were not very crispy and needed some seasoning but the deep-fried goat cheese was very crispy and tasty.  The risotto was also very tasty but was very rich with lots of cheese – so I wasn’t able to finish it.


For dessert my sister-in-law had Raspberry Mousse, but the rest of us had Apple Tart, which had a whole apple.  The apple was still quite firm but it was very enjoyable.





英語でのお芝居はちゃんと聞き取れるのかどうか、内容を理解することが出来るのかどうかが心配ですが、この「Woman In Mind」に関しては日常の様子、会話なのでその心配は必要ありませんでした。自分の人生を不幸に感じている女性が不幸せなあまりにこうあってくれたらと思う想像の世界を現実と思うようになりだんだん精神的におかしくなって行く様子を描いたお芝居で、沢山笑う場面がありましたが、テーマと最後のシーンはとても悲しいものでした。

When I watch a film in English I always worry if I will be able to understand all the conversations and if I can understand the story, but I didn’t need to worry in this case because the conversations were very easy to understand.  It was about a lady, who is very unhappy and starts seeing imaginary people as she becomes delusional.  Although there were many very funny scenes, the theme and the last scene was very sad.


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