Wedding Anniversary Trip Day 3 / A Little Accident & Dinner

結婚記念日旅行、3日目は2日目に宿泊したホテル The Idle Rocks に宿泊するはずだったのですが、ホテルにチェックイン後、2泊予約を入れたつもりが1泊しか入れていなかったということが発覚しました。人は誰も間違うことがありますが、歳をとるほど自分でもびっくりする間違いをするようになりました。今回は夫のミスでしたが、お互いにチェックし合うようにしないといけないな、と思わせられた出来事でした。幸いなことに The Idle Rocks の姉妹ホテル St Mawes Hotel がすぐ近くにあって空室があったのでことなきを得ましたが、観光シーズンだったら困ったところでした。

Wedding Anniversary Trip Day 3.  We were supposed to be staying at the Idle Rocks for two nights but after we checked into the hotel on the day before we found out that my husband had somehow booked only for one night by mistake.  Although everyone makes mistakes, I feel that we have started making the sort of mistakes that we never did when we were younger, I feel we should check each other now.  Fortunately, they have a sister hotel “St Mawes Hotel” very nearby and there was a room available, so all was well, but we could have been in a big trouble if this were the tourist season.

こちらはパブの上にあるお部屋ですが内装は The Idle Rocks ととても良く似ていましたし、景色も遜色ありません。ただ、狭くてウィンドーシートもなく椅子は1つだけ。

This is a room above a pub, very similar interior to The Idle Rocks and the view is also great.  However, it is smaller, no window seat and there was only 1 chair.






We had  dinner at the pub, that the room belongs to.



I had a plant based burger, it came with a salad.



My husband had Beef Burger & Chips.




We shared Creme Brulee for a dessert.

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