Anniversary Trip Day 4 / Lunch At Appleton’s In Fowey

結婚記念日旅行の4日目は、コーンウォルの St Mawes からデボンの Gidleigh Park Hotel への移動日でしたが、途中、Fowey という街の「Appleton’s Bar & Restaurant」というレストランでランチをすることにしました。Appleton’s はジェイミー・オリバーの Fifteen でヘッドシェフを努めておられたAndy Appletonさんとそのパートナー Lyndseyさんのレストランだそうです。

Anniversary Trip Day 4.  We drove from St Mawes in Cornwall back to Gidleigh Park Hotel in Devon, but we had lunch at “Appleton’s Bar & Restaurant” in a town called Fowey on our way.  Appleton’s was set up by Andy Appleton, former head chef of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, and his partner Lyndsey, in 2016.




We ordered 2 starters and shared them.  One was Arancino, which was not too small so we had half each, it was very nice.



Cornish Speck, artichoke, raisin, pine nuts.  Very nice.


My husband then had saffron gnocchetti, sausage, fennel ragu, Parmesan cheese.  He enjoyed it.


I had Tagliatelle, mushroom, black truffle ragu, Parmesan cheese.  It was very tasty.


We enjoyed what we had.  We were going to have another full course dinner this day so we had light starters and no dessert and kept the lunch on the light side.

このレストランがある街、Fowey がどういうところか全く知らずにレストランがあったから行ったのですが、とても素敵な街でした。ただ、道がとても細くくねくねしていて駐車できるところがなかなか見つからず、狭い道を大勢の人が歩いていてとても走りにくかったです。レストランの予約時間に遅れそうだったので、結局、わたしだけレストランの近くで降りて先にレストランに行き、夫は駐車場を探すことにしたのですが、レストランの近くの小さな駐車場は満車で歩いて15分くらいのところにやっと駐車出来ました。

The restaurant is in Fowey, a place we didn’t know anything about, but it turned out to be a very charming town.  However, the roads are very narrow and wiggly and there weren’t many parking lots in town and it was very hard to drive as the narrow roads were full of people.  We were getting close to the time when we had booked our table, so I got off near the restaurant and my husband went on to find a place to park. The couple of small parking lots in the middle of town were full and he ended up parking the car quite far away, about 15 minute’s walk.


I took quite a lot of photos of the town but I’ll blog them in another post.


Appleton’s Bar & Restaurant
19, Fore Street, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1AH
Tel: 01872 228738

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