Anniversary Trip Day 4 / Fowey


Only a little more to write about our wedding anniversary trip.  It was only a 4 night trip but has been taking me a long time to finish.

前の記事にも書きましたが、4日目にランチのために寄った Fowey という海辺の街がとても素敵でした。今回も泊まったお気に入りホテルのGidleigh Park Hotelから1時間半くらいの日帰りで十分に行ける距離なので、また行って、今度はもっとゆっくり街歩きを楽しみたいと思います。ただ、人気の観光地のようで今の時期でも結構賑わっていたので、真夏の観光シーズンは避けた方が良さそうです。

As I wrote in my previous post, the port town “Fowey”, where we stopped for lunch, was a very attractive little place.  It’s only about an hour and  a half from our favourite hotel, Gidleigh Park, so we can take a day trip when we stay there, so I’m sure we can visit there again sometime soon.  Next time when we go there I’d love to spend more time and enjoy mooching around.  However, it was quite busy even on a weekday in the middle of September, so we should avoid visiting there in the summer.
























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