Pasta with Zucchini & Capers


It was raining in the morning but around lunch time it suddenly rained very heavily just for 5 minutes or so, and as soon as it stopped raining, the sun came out and it got very sunny.  It made me feel like going out but we’ve been out quite a bit recently so we stayed home.  Until a month ago or so I had to do weeding in the garden almost every day but the weeds have slowed down and now I only do it every two or three days, which is great.

今日の夕食は、簡単でシンプルなパスタでした。シンガポールで夫が時々作ってくれていたパスタで、トマト、ズッキーニ、ケイパーが入ったパスタで、イギリスのRiver Cafeのオーナーシェフが書いた『River Cafe Cook Book Easy』という料理本のレシピ。唐辛子も入ってピリットしていて、ニンニクも少し効いていて、ワインビネガーの酸味も効いたとてもさっぱりしたおいしいパスタ。ズッキーニはあまり細く切らずやや太めに切って、さっと強火で焼いてシャキシャキした食感を残す方が美味しいです、あとは塩分が決めてかなと思います。美味しく出来ました。

The dinner  was a very easy and simple pasta,  “Zucchini & Capers” from River Cafe Cook Book Easy.  (If you search you will find a few sites, where you can find the recipe).  It has tomato, zucchini and capers with some chilli, garlic and white wine vinegar.  It’s better to cut the zucchini a little thicker than the recipe says, and fry with quite high heat so it keeps a crunchy texture. Seasoning is very important because it’s a simple dish.  It was very tasty.



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