Lunch At Bill’s In Chichester


This morning I met a Japanese lady, who lives not too far from here, for tea in Arundel for the first time. We were introduced by someone we met recently and made this arrangement to get together for a chat.  Although I am shy I am usually OK with meeting just one lady and naturally we had tons to talk about each other as we didn’t know anything about each other, we chatted for 2 and a half hours without stop.  It was only the 2nd or 3rd time that I talked seriously in Japanese since I moved to England.  I don’t particularly feel the need for talking in Japanese or meeting other Japanese people, but it is quite comforting to talk to another Japanese , and regardless of the nationality it is good to get to know someone new.


お茶をした、「Belinda’s Tea Rooms」。

Bellnda’s Tea Rooms, where we had tea.




I had a nail appointment in Chichester at 2:30 so my husband picked me up around lunch time and we had lunch in Chichester.  We tried “Bill’s” this time, we hadn’t been there for a long time and thought we’d give it another go.  We both like the interior very much and the staff is all very smiley and friendly, but sadly the food wasn’t so good.



I had Chicken Shawarma, but the chicken was very tough and dry and quite hard to swallow.  Not much seasoning, not much flavour from the marinade.

My husband had Brunch Sandwich.



We weren’t planning to have a big lunch and  were going to cook dinner, but we didn’t feel hungry in the evening as we had lots of bread at lunch so decided not to cook dinner and have Bruschetta for supper.




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